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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bedford SB Duple Vega with Down at Mary Tavy

To some this old Bedford gently decomposing in the middle of E.P Down's Coaches yard at Mary Tavy in Devon was just an eyesore but for bus enthusiasts it was a reason to stop. Eventually I did and just in time as shortly afterwards it returned home to Lancashire as a preservation project for it's first owner.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

A Greenslades of Devon ' Red Herring' at Alton

At first glance one might think this Harrington bodied AEC Reliance of 1964 with the Exeter BET firm of Greenslades was the slightly more modern looking Grenadier but still being built alongside them was the earlier Cavalier and Greenslades opted for Grenadier fronts on them. One could make these requests to a smaller builder as to them perhaps and order for fivve bodies was highly valued whereas the larger concers much just 'show you the door'.

Jedwin's Former Ribble &MRN Leopard WCK 144V

Still in Midland Red North colours or at least one of the liveries worn by MRN was this Duple bodied Leyland Leopard once again on the home ground when seen in Blackpool. Once a Ribble vehicle they used to operate a number of special services to this popular seaside resort from right across it's area. Jedmond was one of those operators who filled the gap coming from the Yorkshire side and probably stopping at Burnley etc.

Friday, 18 August 2017

PVT 225LPMT Bristol RELL ECW at Newcastle

PMT like a number of other former BET Group companies was a bit late taking the Bristol RE's and it was to be only for a short whilst the operators waited for 'the miracle bus' the admired and much hated Leyland National Mark1. Perhaps buying RE's was one of the  better moves of the NBC as it asserted itself, as in recent times PMT had bought some rather troublesome buses from the early lowheight Atlanteans to the notoriously bad Daimler Roadliner.  Behind is the Foden NC double-decker which was sent to PMT as like the Medway Towns the demanding urban terrain of the Potteries was considered ideal for bus trials. Also of course those people in the Potteries could quickly spot a dud when they saw one.

Cave's Willowbrook Warrior bodied Bedfords

A rarity seen in Birmingham was this Bedford YRT whose Van-Hool coach body was replaced with a Willowbrook bus body

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Early Sixties Bedford Holds on in Wrexham.

Cornwall was always a good place to find normally time-expired buses and coaches because the mild climate meant there was never any salt on the roads in Winter. Another good region to find them was on the sparcely populated  English- Welsh border. This time it was not so much the weather to thank but not so good for the operators concerned was the fact that they probably couldn't afford anything else where operation was more about margins than profit and old Bedfords were easy to look after and cheap to run. Good places to hunt were in the Forset of Dean and towns like Shrewsbury and here at Wrexham.

DSV 61&V Lothian Transport Atlantean in Edinburgh

With greater wear of components  hilly terrain must be quite a problem for many bus operators but as a photographer it can lead to more interesting shots. A visit to Edinburgh could give one lovely feelings of nostalgia as Lothian buses continued the fine tradition once the norm amongst a number of Municipals of taking a pride in the bus operation in this instance it took over from Edinburgh Corportation. Sadly as elsewhere the Scottish capital city has to keep up with times and these attractive Alexander bodied Atlanteans are now just a memory as were the other Leylands which once dominated this fine fleet of which I note there were 700 buses in 1964.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Green Line Tiger ECW on Eccleston Bridge, Victoria

I suppose for most people the centre of London is Trafalgar square or Oxford Street but for bus enthusiasts it has to be Victoria with it's bus station beside the station, Victoria Coach Station and we must not forget the Green Line departures from Eccleston Bridge. Here was a good spot for photos and there were often other coaches to get in the shot too like this MCW Metroliner of Eastern Scottish passing a Green Line ECW bodied Tiger bound for Windsor on the 701. After Deregulation and the sell off of the various London Country units Green Line fragmented and went into decline and  more focus went on to the airport links and busy commuter corridors.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Lugano FBW Trolleybus 117

As well as railways Switzerland has also always been a but if an enthusiasts mecca for Trams and trolleybuses. This example dating from the late Sixties early Seventies and still in a livery that fitted that time was in the now defunct network of Lugano,

MRN Redline Rebodied Tiger B103 KPF

Before Stafford was pedestrianised this used to be my favourite spot for bus photography in the town. Looking back when clean and fresh this 'Drawline' livery devised by Ray Stenning was rather attractive and suited the rebodied Green Line Tigers which flooded the town. Most spend some time at Stafford, allocated or working from Cannock but I thought 1723 was going to be an exception but early on it was moved here from Crewe and was unusual as it still had it's Leyland front wheel trims. It was working a former Happy Days service.

Lancashire United Daimler 4615 TF in Bolton

Of the early rear-engine Atlantean and Fleetline bodies I still find these Northern Counties examples the most pleasing, of course it looked even better on a Guy Arab of which Lancashire United had many as initially it only took small batches alongside them of these more troublesome buses. From the second batch of five instead of six this 1963 bus No.142 was seen in Bolton in 1979 or 1980.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Warrington Narrow Leyland PD2 East-Lancs BED 732C No.51

A dismal damp day in Warrington and one of it'snarrow bodied East-Lancs bodied PD2's loads for Longford in 1979.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Aldershot & District 1953 Dennis Lance at Alton

Of course all old buses have a certain nostalgic charm and especially much missed operators like Aldershot and District. But looking through modern eyes we much prefer classic bus designs to an updated image. This Dennis Lance tries to look modern but just looks quirky and even an East Lancs body which in those days had an attractive look it doesn't really do much for No.220. To ride on and to listen to it was a bit like an under-powered Bristol K-Series and A&D were getting rid of these after twelve years. But it's good that unusual buses like this 1953 bus have been preserved as seeing them make distant events worth travelling to.

Friday, 11 August 2017

B900 WRN Stagecoach Lancaster

Perhaps it was because buses were becoming more mundane certain vehicles stood out as being different. Now belonging to Stagecoach this Duple Dominant Leyland Tiger had been unique in the Ribble fleet having originally been destined to be the tenth bus in a Midland Red North order. Apparently it was retained by Leyland to try out various modifications. With Ribble I remember it spent a lot of time around Blackpool but by now had to moved to Lancaster when it was heading for the wilds of Ingleton.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Badgerline Volvo B10M Alexander D112 GHY in Taunton

One of the first things the newly privatised  Badgerline did was to break away from the old order when it came to buses and signed a contract to supply a fleet of singles, double-deckers and coaches in it's Western-super-Mare area which included support. I don't know if it was a  success or not as it was not repeated again but despite their austere looks these P-type Alexander bodied B10M's were a good bus and a joy to ride on. Sadly Badgerline and it's sister Bristol City Line became one of the core companies of First Bus and soon took on that 'Barbie livery greyness'. D112 GHY was seen in Taunton in the rather attractive green and yellow livery

Ex-Southdown Fleetline in Wrexham with Crosville

Bristol lagged a long way behind the other UK manufactures like Leyland and Daimler with it's rear engined front entrance double-decker the VR. Consequently operators in the nationalised BTC Group had no choice but to buy convention half-cabs. No doubt the engineering staff didn't mind at all but the problems came when OPO was introduced widely on double-deckers as all of them were unsuitable. One solution was to take buses away from the more fortunate former more up to date BET fleets like Southdown and send them to places like Wrexham in Wales which was still full of Lodekka FS buses etc. On the face of it this Northern Counties bodied Daimler Fleetline was moons away from a Lodekka but of course they had one thing in common and that was most often a Gardner engine.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Skibby Rejser Setra in Roskilde

Because of it's museum for them and connections with the Vikings this arguably makes Roskilde perhaps after Copenhagen the best known town in Denmark. It was certainly memorable as a bus location as it was just on the fringe of the conurbation's PTE HT area, but as well as a DSB dark red railways route from Ringstead where there was an outpost, it could boast a number of Independents. Most used the usual DAB's and Volvo B10M's but Skibby Rejser from the village of the same name coach boast this smart Setra.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Leyland Tiger: Hollinshead of Biddulph Stoke on Trent

Hollinshead of Biddulph was one of the Potteries many interesting Independents. A coach firm rather than a bus operator, nonetheless it always ran a the odd AEC or Leyland as well as lightweights. A bit of a curse really as the re-registering of coaches means it's hard to decide where they came from, but Moseley of Barnsley rings a bell.  This Plaxton Paramount bodied Leyland Tiger dated from the early Eighties and would have been a Y or a A-C reg. Old Mister Hollinshead said he planned to remove the Leyland badge as 'trophy hunters' often damaged the grill trying to steal them. It's a sad old world sometimes!

Monday, 7 August 2017

First Western National Tavistock Outpost

The Western National garage at Tavistock beside the bus station closed on 5th May1973 by which time it's dwindling allocation had shrunk to just ten. In BTC days it  had been about fifteen and the fleet at the end included two Bristol FLF's and RELLs,  the rest being smaller types like the SULA4 and LH. Usually one finds in most towns the bus population has shrunk but in the Nineties a new outstation was opened at Tavistock which held about eighteen buses which was more than in better times. I wouldn't call it a bus garage situated down a country lane beside the river it was basically a fenced yard with a portacabin which is the usual arrangement for First's various smaller outposts. Despite competition from Plymouth Citybus it managed to stay open and as far as I know it's still in use by Stagecoach. I think the increase in bus traffic in the area was due to better service levels into Plymouth and the expansion of rather desirable Tavistock on the edge of Dartmoor as a place to live. First shuffled it's spare buses around which made for some interesting local variety including this former West Yorkshire PTE Duple Dominant bodied Leyland Tiger A665 KUM from a batch of 23 Nos.1651-1672

Sunday, 6 August 2017

70's Neoplan: All Glass and Polished Chrome

These Neoplans from the Seventies were very much influenced by glitzy America with all that polished chrome and glass. In a way I quite like this one as both the more subtle maroon relief and wet weather at Berlin Zoo manage to soften the blow!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Polish Autosan at Berlin Zoo

Sheffield Omnibus Atlantean CPO 345W

Often Independents buy second-hand buses and then like the livery so much they adopt it as their own. I think this must have happened at Sheffield Omnibus where they must have bought some Atlanteans off Preston who wore this livery. However even though it looks like one of those buses East-Lancs bodied Atlantean came from Portsmouth who used the former Municipal maroon and white. Sheffield Omnibus was always smart and I like the subtle graphics which always add a bit of class or look of quality.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Staffordian Ford Duple OCA 433L at Picher Bank

At various times it has been fascinating to be a bus enthusiast but it has it's lows too. For myself just before my time the wonderful Fifties with coach operators sporting Burlingham Seagulls, Duple Vista bodied  Bedford OB's and Dosal finned Harringtons and so many rarities from small bodybuilders often local must have been great. But then came the boring lightweight era of the Bedford and Ford. Thankfully for us Duple changed it's designs regularly but Plaxton's Panorama basically stayed the same. Having nobody suitable to inherit the business Greatrex was bought out the Austin family who owned Happy Days. But they at least introduced DAF's, Leopards, and even an Iveco to the renamed Staffordian, but as you can see they also retained a number of Greatrex Fords plus Duple bodied OCA 433L. As for the Chaserider National, one would have to wait a long time for a bus to Hyde-Lea Coppenhall today as it doesn't run any more a far cry from the Sixties when there was still a decent Midland Red Sunday Service using double-deckers.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Harris of Grays Volvo F98 RAR

Frank Harris started running coaches from Grays in Essex as long ago as 1925. I don't know if they are still operating but they certainly were in the Nineties and could be seen far and wide like this fine Van-Hool bodied Volvo B10M on a dull day in Amsterdam.

London Buses Dennis Dominator

As production of the long established Leyland Atlantean and Fleetline ended operators including London Buses looked for a suitable replacement. As part of their trials three Dennis Dominators entered service and were also unusual in having Northern Counties bodywork. B103 WUW was caught when still looking new in Whitehall.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Prague KT 8 9027

I imagine most of you will think of Prague trams being in that familiar red and cream livery but here are a whole range of advertising liveries. As well as the Tatra trams on view is one of the earliest of KT 8's which first arrived in 1985.

Fife Leopards and Nationals in Kirkcaldy

The Scottish BUS Group wisely seemed to manage to not be lured in by the charms of the Leyland National preferring more orthodox buses like the Leopard in the background. However Fife having bought only thirteen raised it's total to thirty-five when the improved National2 arrived. One of the earlier Nationals can also be glimpsed in this view taken at Kirkcaldy. By this time Fife had added more cream to it's predominantly red livery and I feel it looked quite smart.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Northampon Transport Bristol VRT Alexander CNH 57T

Northampton had no less than thirty-six of these distinctive looking Alexander bodied Bristol VRT's.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Winter Sunlight in Stockton on Tees

One winter's day in 1969 or 1970 I went with my father on a business trip to Darlington where once I's had a good look around I boarded a bus for unfamiliar territory Sockton on Tees. The winter sunlight was not kind so I didn't get very good photographic results but I still like this one of one of my favourites a Northern General Harrington Genadier bodied Leyland Leopard.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Stagecoach Cumberland Tiger Laser at Kendal B43 MAO

I was surprised hat I had nothing at all from Kendal on here but here to redress the balance slightly is a former Cumberland Duple Laser bodied Leyland Tiger which seemed to be another type not to alien to those Stagecoach Stripes we all used to hate. When this was a Ribble garage in the Sixties there were about 45 buses allocated here and they looked after the tiny fleet at Grange too.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Fishwick's Atlantean TTE 642D

Even well established Independents like Fishwick have come to grief as in today's economic climate as it is often the less scrupulous 'entrepeneurs'  who can squeeze a bit of cash out of the system,  but we will miss the old school and sadly their now obsolete buses. Being based in the same town it was hardly surprising that Fishwick was one of Leyland Motors best customers. No doubt they picked up a few bargains like former demonstrators but they did seem buy both the good and bad. The early low height Atlanteans have gained a poor reputation due to design faults but nevertheless many lived out long busy lives lasting as many years or more as many a highly regarded Farringdon bodied PD2. So no the this was hardly Leyland's worse bus or coach but Fishwick's did seem to embrace those duds too like the Lynx even if they were inferior designed Lynx produced when Leyland put it's money into it's not so wonderful cars instead.  No doubt it must have realised there were better buses on the road but sadly misplaced loyalty can cost you dear as they say!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Arriva to Rocket Pool on the 530

I like place names and usually it is best not to go there a usually they are not really special in any way. This Arriva Dest Dart Plaxton Pointer don;t look like it's going anywhere in a hurry as it waits at Bilston Bus Station. Of course now Wednesfield Garage is gone so has Arriva were most of it's services are covered by diamond. At this time it was wasting valuable resources trying to squeeze the incumbent Banga Bus on it's main service off the road. As it turned out the Arriva buses tended to run empty whilst 'friendly and helpful' Banga seats were as full as ever.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Delemont:A Traditional POST BUS Garage

Delemont Garage was very typical of the older Swiss Post Bus depots and like many others it only had a small allocation of about eight and by the time I took this the building had passed to the local PTT contractor whilst Delemont got a new modern open plan garage with railings and security cameras etc not too far away. Of course few would bother to photograph a structure like this but I'm glad I went there as it was the thought of seeing the Post Buses that made names and dots on the map alluring to me as a PTT bus-mad schoolboy. And so typical was it too I remember at other locations wishing I could see the bus numbers through that frosted glass when a garage was shut up. Thankfully some garages painted the bus number on the wall so the drivers knew which bay was home. Although to PTT standard spec it did not really take to the Magrius 160R81 and most of the main thirteen batch could be found at the nearby at the Cret -du-Locale-Garage also in the Jura near the French border. But Delemont did have one in 1990 P22204 as part of it's mixed fleet. State run the PTT more or less 'reluctantly' ran buses and would rather find a contractor to do the work I felt, but most of it's operations lasted many years but it did not lead much to expansion, indeed quite the opposite. But alas in those days did anything change quickly in Switzerland, something that I loved about the place.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

DAK 222V: Yorkshire Traction 'Fastlink' bound for Huddersfield on the X21

With all the local branding at times it was often hard to guess which NBC company a bus belonged to, and it's only my familiary with numbers which stops me mistaking this Duple Dominant bodied Leyland Leopard in Leeds as a Yorkshire/West Riding coach. West Yorkshire PTE tended to follow the old Leeds Corporation liking for the Atlantean and of course the Fleetline but later deliveries included MCW Metrobus Mark 2's.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Arriva YJ61 FEG 3757 at Lichfield on the 825

Well not too many more trips to the hospital for me for the timebeing once I get the all clear. But I will still catch the 74 and 825 as I live close to the hospital. I like sounds so I prefer these Arriva VDL's to the numerous Volvos Cannock runs on this service, but I must admit I like to perch on the naughty seat right at the front of the Volvos and sometimes chat with the driver. 3757 a regular in Stafford was at the far end of the 825 which for the time-conscious bus passenger seems far away but in fact is only about fifteen-miles.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

E289 HRV: Happy Punters on A Rail Replacement Service?

It looks like the passengers on former Southampton East-Lancs bodied Leyland Olympian had enjoyed their free ride at Alton. However was this real life I'm sure they would not have been so pleased having their long journey elongated and delayed by only too frequent Sunday railway closures. But as they say it's all in the mind.

Friday, 14 July 2017

WM Enviro Bus 4552 on Wellington Road, Bilston

Very much a familiar sight of a WM Enviro 400 buses but time passes and I'm sure we will miss them the same way we now miss stalwarts like the Fleetline and Metrobuses. One might wonder why but I suppose each generation of new vehicles usually loses a bit more appeal or we just become more cynical and nostalgic Thankfully I have my camera to play with and as long as a bus has an upper floor I'm quite content.

Volvo Town Bus in Wadenswil on Zurich's Lake

The small town of Wadenswil situated on the side of the Lake on a speedy train route into Zurich makes it ideal commuter country and being pleasant but unremarkable most tourists just whiz through here on a non-stop express towards Chur and more exotic parts beyond like Davos and St Moritz. It used to have a nice little bus fleet of FBW' town buses but like everywhere else in the 90's they were being replaced by more mundane proper European buses like this Volvo. I am a bit of a Swiss Post Bus nut, anyway I was in PTT days especially towards the end when I used to travelmore. As luck would have it there is a typically small small garage here too but it's a good bus ride away for it is high up in the hills but call them mountains if you wish at Hutten, but the fleet of about eight comprised mostly R&J bodied Mercedes 0405's.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

National UHG 749R at Kidderminster

The way Leyland Nationals were sold to other NBC companies and the next thing others came to replace them seems to me a bit like taking 'coals to Newcastle'. Still there must have been logic to it and it gave th local spotters something to talk about. This one once with Ribble looked quite smart with the luxury of a white band and even Kidderminster perhaps Midland Red most dreary looking garage looked a bit more inviting than usual for some reason perhaps it's the glimpse of a Leopard.

Happy Days Mercedes Mini to Gnosall

One doesn't really think of Happy Days of Woodseaves as a minibus operator but they did operate this Scottish registered Mercedes on service work and i'm sure it was useful. Obviously when purchased the red and white livery was deemed close enough to the norm to not need a repaint so it must have been a good buy. Of course like Staffordian Happy Days passed to Arriva till with little heart they tired of trying to do rural operations and Independent's once more do the quieter local country services.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Magrius Deutz Brioini of Pula

Not very exciting but a bit different nonetheless were the buses to be seen in the former Yugoslavian city of Pula which is much more famed for it Roman Historical remains than it's much more mundane German influenced bus scene Still where in Britain can we find a bus station overlooked by a Roman amphitheatre. I rather liked Magrius Deutz buses though they have that  quirky small manufacturer feel about them, a bit rough and ready but thoroughly reliable a bit like our own Foden's used to be.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Edinburgh SMT Leyland Lion C177 VSF

Maybe it was because change seemed to be happening all the time but I often seemed to arrive ar locations where it was all happening. The last time I went to Edinburgh there was a mixture of old and new comng in amongst the former SBG fleets with a variety of liveries. Particularly smart for the more traditionalist was this SMT Alexander R-Type double-decker a rare bus built on a Danish DAB Leyland Lion chassis.

Friday, 7 July 2017

National Express Duple at Plymouth Looking Good

Built  mostly on the Leyland Tiger the National Bus Co seemed to spread out it's coach bodywork orders quite fairly during the Eighties. Having said that Willowbrook was called in too so maybe things got a bit desperate as quality and focus had evaporated at Willowbrook with leaky coaches etc. But I have always had a soft spot for Duple as it has turned out lots of interesting designs including this it's final generation of coaches like this 3500 which was quite stunning looking. It was a local Western National coach heading off on a long trip to Burnley from Bretonside in Plymouth.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Thames Valley VR UBL 246G leaves Reading on Chilton Link I think!

As I've said before I am not a big fan of the NBC, but at least they didn't sell everything off and looking back reminders of better days were still visible. But it was a tacky concern, and even though this Alder Valley Bristol VR leaving Reading has it's destination blinds in working order and set correctly the appearance of the vehicle is spoilt by the way someone hasn't even gone to the trouble of trying to stick the 'Chilton Link' on to the side of the bus straight. Besides towards the end the NBC were so fond of these local names but who knew what they meant, and by the time they probably found out the name had changed again. Worse still if I got on this bus I wouldn't know if it was on the Chilton Link as it might just be 'filling in' and it was not the High Wycombe service but something else maybe.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Diecast Model Collecting:A Question of Balance Newcastle and Sunderland

I've been told before now I'm too much of an  interlectual and maybe I am as it even affects my model bus collecting. From the NE I only had from the Municipals one corporation bus and that was this rather attractive Alexander bodied Atlantean of Newcastle on Tyne by EFE. Anyway at Fazakerley I needed to buy something to make it a memorable day out and I lurking almost out of view looking a bit like the Lincoln PD2 in those colours I managed to find a brand new mint Sunderland Roe bodied Guy Arab. I don't think the dealer found it easy yo sell and I got it for £14. I don't pay more than a fiver for 'black box' Efe's  but I will go up to about £20 for the best newer models especially if they are in my sights. Like many others I tend to collect what I knew and remember but anywhere north of Leeds was out of my range till the 80's which was  pity for like elsewhere I loved those buses till the NBC and PTE era when it all dramatically went down hill and even the best buses lost their character and a bit of their magic. Anyway at least Tyne and Wear didn't stray too far away from Newcastle's former and I think it left them as the smartest of the PTE's.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Lincolnshire Coachlink on tour in Tavistock

Bearing a registration which once graced a Brighton and Hove Lodekka was this quite smart Plaxton bodied Leyland Tiger of Road Car, better known as the former Lincolnshire. It was seen in it's latter days before the firm was sold to Yorkshire Traction if it had not already happened and then on to the even hungry Stagecoach. Well away from it's usual haunts it was enjoying a summer shower in Tavistock on the edge of Dartmoor in 1999 or 2000 on an Airdale Tours charter.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Lancia Utec bodied Trolleybus 22 in Porto

This single-deck trolleybus seen in Porto in the 80's might look quite British but was in in fact a Lancia as were most of the later trolleybuses in Portugal if not all.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

New or newish Lancaster Atlantean 207!

A new month so I thought I would post an image of a brand new bus. I couldn't find the onr I wanted but I thought this Lancaster City Council East Lancs bodied Atlantean might suffice. City Council does sound a bit grand so maybe we should have gone to see the buses as the Corporation kept the buses extremely smart during this period in about 1980 and who know exactly how many weeks old this very smart Leyland was. Incidentally I particularly liked the livery as my transport colours of blue and white were very similar.

Saturday Morning Jobs

When I worked in the transport industry I felt so knackered at the end of the week I rather resented having to get up and then hang about the yard all morning till lunchtime. But looking back it was probably te best day as it was a chance to chat and joke with the other drivers, also I was sent out on little errands for parts etc. which made a change. It looks like the boss of Fastline Travel in the Black Country might be an Indian Gentleman, and the driver trying to wash his coach doesn't seem to be having much fun so obviously no jokes about pies and whippets. In my day fun was allowed today of course anything except your thoughts is subject to the invasive 'health and Safety' laws which seem to dominate the UK.

Friday, 30 June 2017

East Midland Tiger at Bretonside

It would appear from this view taken at Bretonside in Plymouth that the East Midland Leyland Tiger had travelled a lot further than the two Volvos alonside it and in summer there was always a nice mix of local traffic and more exotic coaches from places like Barnsley and Wigan. Catch the light right and it was good for photography too but in later years as elsewhere one was reluctant to walk on the parking area although I never heard anyone say anything. They are a bit more laid-back in the west Country. No.37 was one of a pair of with Duple bodywork.