I AM CHRISTOPHER LEACH THE ARTIST. I started this blog so that I can share with everyone my vast collection of transport photographs showing a personal and nostalgic view of the industry with images that span some 45 years taking in the U.K and some of Europe. I have no darkroom and so rather than being the perfectionist after tidying them up I upload the images warts and all, and even those that won't scan squarely or are scratched. In a way it adds age and character. You are all free to download these for your personal use but please remember I still own them and you are not just free to use them without prior permission for any knd of publishing. Click on images to enlarge them and if you want to see more leave your comments or visit my website for the mother-site with galleries including those Buses & Girls: PICTUREWORLD

Monday, 24 February 2020

Northern General Metrobus A623 BCN at Jarrow

In Tyne and Wear PTE yellow and looking more attractive than in poppy-red was this Northern General Metrobus Mark2 leaving Jarrow for Sunderland.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

A Couple of Hours in Liverpool

It's always worth taking plenty of shots some will turn out to be very good and others might become more interesting as time goes on. It's hard to feel totally at ease amongst the daily city chaos if one is not used to it but it's best to slow down try to relax and look for good shots like this Arriva Enviro in Liverpool last year.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

On a Quest in Wolverhampton B930 KWM

Something really rare for you. There are still a couple of Independents in Wolverhampton including long-standing Banga Travel but unlike a few years ago they can't give us much to get excited about. A most interesting bus looking like it had been put together with old domestic appliances from about 1990 was this rare Locomotors bodied Quest B80B B930 KWM  with special mobility features which was used for trials on Merseyside with the PTE.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Charterplan Tiger TXY 978 Departs from Digbeth

No.23 a Charterplan Duple Dominant IV bodied Leyland Tiger of Greater Manchester in National Express livery formerly FWH 23Y leaves Digbeth Coach Station on the 825 to Rochdale.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Central Olympian at Lewisham

Things had changed a lot by the 1990's as when I was a kid as the properly uniformed bus inspectors used to be a lot more scary especially the officious ones. I think by the time I took this view of London Central Leyland Olympian L96 at Lewisham it was more about keeping the buses running than safeguarding the good name of the bus industry.

Monday, 17 February 2020

One of the good things about the NBC I suppose is it 'unfroze' the former BET and BTC fleets so that new types suddenly appeared as happened here at Wrexham as some Southdown NC bodied Fleetlines arrived to speed up Lowdekka withdrawal and facilitate more 'OPO'. The trouble was Southdown got rid of it's Daimlers and Atlanteans and got saddled with Tilling Bristol VR's but size didn't matter as when it had come to merging the two groups the old BTC management as happened at the much less significant Brighton & Hove District took control of the reins. So after Nationalisation the delicate Pret a Manger South Coast treat became more like the dried up British Rail cheese sandwich in cellophane you throw away to the gulls.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Badgerline Weston: Fish & Chips on the Prom

How the English seaside has changed for one is far more likely to encounter real badgers than crowds with kiss-me-quick-hats. Some thing never seem to change though and that is the novelty of fish and chips on the sea front as seen here last year in Weston super Mare.