I AM CHRISTOPHER LEACH THE ARTIST. I started this blog so that I can share with everyone my vast collection of transport photographs showing a personal and nostalgic view of the industry with images that span some 45 years taking in the U.K and some of Europe. I have no darkroom and so rather than being the perfectionist after tidying them up I upload the images warts and all, and even those that won't scan squarely or are scratched. In a way it adds age and character. You are all free to download these for your personal use but please remember I still own them and you are not just free to use them without prior permission for any knd of publishing. Click on images to enlarge them and if you want to see more leave your comments or visit my website for the mother-site with galleries including those Buses & Girls: PICTUREWORLD

Friday, 12 February 2016

Postsdam Bahnhof Forecourt as it was

Potsdam is quite a large town but only boasted a fairly small very traditional and pleasant joint S-Bahn and main line railway station which hadn't been altered much since it was built. Once outside the visitor was afforded lovely views beyond lines of trees towards Potsdam itself. But following German  Reunification the station was completely rebuilt to incorporate a shopping centre and all the old DDR cobbled street charm was gone as was this scene thanks to good old western Capitalism with it's up and down escalators and characterless fast food outlets..

Thursday, 11 February 2016

D&G Our Friendly Bus Service

That's the nice thing about smaller companies with regular drivers on a route they get to know their customers. D&G turn up and pretty well run to time and if anyone is late it's usually me but they let me on. For as long as I can remember the service from Stafford to Uttoxeter has been hourly but now it's usually hourly and not only that many journeys are well loaded. Normally it's an Enviro like this but Solo's are also used on this and the 842.

Skills Toyota C22 LRR at Sheffield Pool Meadow

These little Toyota midi-buses were more common than one would expect as rhey were an ideal tool for small parties and feeder work. They appeared in the odd well know fleet as well if this one with Skills of Nottingham is anything to go by and it was seen in Sheffield.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Bryn Melvyn Volvo B7 in Bridgnorth

A cup of coffee and a few minutes to watch the world go by in Bridgenorth Low Town. Being on a town service we saw this Plaxton Centro bodied Volvo B7 numerous times and it was usually stuck in traffic like these roadworks by the bridge over the Severn.

Monday, 8 February 2016

PTT Setra 214 at Nessnau

The Swiss PTT had almost one-hundred of these Setra 214's like this one at Nessnau on the run to Buchs. Mercedes 405's were more coommon in the urban areas but these impressive coach-like vehicles were favoured for touristic areas, however they were very prone to salt erosion.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

United Auto Bova B725 MBC in Blackpool

Even in the Nineties during the season Blackpool could be a mecca for interesting coaches like this Bova Futura in United's red and white livery and bearing a Leicester number making it slightly more worthy of attention. But re-registrations were in abundance too adding to the problem and we can see one, a Leopard probably as AEC's were getting scarce which at first glance looks like has an Isle of Man number B423 MAN. I'm glad I stopped spotting when I was a youngster when change moved very gradually and the orderly bus world was well documented.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Midland Red North Iveco Daily in Stafford

In the Nineties it seemed the minibus in various sizes was about to push out the normal sized big bus and that was certainly the case in Stafford on local routes at least. There was a good variety of them with Midland Red North at least and one of the more pleasant looking was this of the less numerous Iveco Daily 49 10 buses with Robin Hood City Nippy bodywork and which came from Crosville Cymru.