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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Zurich and The Eiger Connection

I wouldn't call myself a film buff but I really enjoy movies both shot on location and in cities that interest me for not only do I look for places I know hopefully I will catch glimpses of times gone by when it comes to transport, and maybe even catch sight of an old once numerous favourite type. Clint Eastwood made literally a cliff-hanger of a film about secret agents with an interloper in the group trying to kill them one by one as they ascend the Eiger as they do. Yes more boring Hollywood stuff but the opening scenes were a bit more interesting as they were shot in lovely Zurich, but I would have thought the budget might have been stretched a fraction to get in one of Zurich's fine blue and white trams as the usual practice normally dictates. Here is the spot which I went looking for having seen it on film but the moody little narrow passage Clint came down to meet his seedy unhealthy looking contact on The Limmat Quay had vanished. Once Clint has paid him and walked off the man lights the stub of an old cigar and a few moments later gets murdered in the back with deep penetrating bone crunching Stiletto Blade. Someone must either have followed Clint down to the Limmat Quay or this Switzerland is a dangerous place even in daytime. Sadly as you can see from the photo the passage no longer reaches the main thoroughfare as a shoe shop called of all things Buffalo now barred the way. So much for the wide-open-spaces America's Finest love but if I can divert your eyes from the wonderful display in the Beate Uhuse sex shop window for a moment I would like to make another observation. I can't really understand the film-maker's fascination for shooting exciting dramas in Switzerland as in reality very little ever seems to happen here compared to say Detroit or Birmingham and even the most stupid of criminals can think of better places to rob a bank. No all I ever saw were quiet polite harmless old people when waiting to board the almost silent No.15 tram. I guess American film makers see filming in old Europe as some kind of token holiday whilst the Swiss see all this cloak and dagger stuff as being good for tourism.

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