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Wednesday 23 September 2015

828 Goes Past My House it's My Lucky Number

I've always had a special affinity for my favourite number 28 but 828 is extra special for not only was the red Austin Mini Countryman I learnt to drive and passed my test in ARE 828D by coincidence it is also my birthday. Although I'm not a big fan of these Plaxton bodied Darts they use on the new Stafford to Brereton via Great Haywood route it's rather pleasing that Arriva love me enough to number it 828. Not that they've told their staff for if the drivers reply to a polite greeting the best one might expect is a grunt for I feel sometimes their attitude is we can't stop you riding on my bus but we don't have to like you. Sometimes I think it's just because I'm Jojo but a lady getting off a 76 the other day enquired of the driver if he was able to speak as it obviously wasn't part of his job.


Anonymous said...

In the West Midlands the security screens seem to be used as an excuse not to interact with the passengers, although here in security-screen-free Lincolnshire anything much more than a grunt is exceptional.

It can be done, though: I picked up a Northern (Go Ahead) bus in Durham last month, on my way to Beamish Museum, buying an Explorer ticket - it seems something no longer sold all that much to judge by the drivers' reactions each time I get one. I said thank you to the driver when he gave me my change, and he replied "You're welcome", and was equally polite to the other passengers boarding en route.

Unfortunately the driver of the next bus had difficulty with anything more than a grunt for the passengers, although she was very talkative with another driver travelling back to the depot!

christopher said...

Yes it's the same with a woman on the self-check payout in Sainsbury's she's so impolite unhelpful and bossy but when one of her work mates come across for a few words I'm surprised she doesn't offer them a piece of cake. Perhaps exception proves the rule but a lovely Arriva driver stopped for me yesterday and I had been planning to walk. But our Independent D&G are pretty good and some drivers drop me closer to the house and one of the less pally drivers did at least tell me the bus would not be running passed my house tomorrow.