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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

DAB Articulated bus to Meandowhall C104 HDT

Articulated single-deck buses have yet to gain popularity in Britain. The Mercedes Citaro buses introduced in London proved so unpopular they had to be quickly sold off and some found their way to places like Malta but  in the Sheffield area South Yorkshire PTE was one operator which saw their virtues and had the only sizable batch of DAB-Leylands to enter service in the UK. They were well suited to the service to Meadowhall which enjoyed good stretches of wide straight roads like this.


Random Streets said...

The comment about London's articulated buses is worthy of some clarification.

The alleged unpopularity of them was in many ways a campaign whipped up by the Evening Standard newspaper. The decision to remove artics from London's streets was a political one, taken by Boris Johnson once he had won the London Mayoralty (with strong support from the Evening Standard!)

The campaign against articulated buses relied heavily on myths - including claims that they were killing cyclists. The actual number of cyclists killed by articulated buses in the 9½ years they operated in the capital was... none. There was also a claim that they were somehow unsuitable for London's streets, belonging instead on "wide continental boulevards" (whatever that means). As my own blog illustrates, articulated buses operate quite successfully and without controversy on the streets of many other cities - including some streets which are narrow and twisting.

christopher said...

Thank you Random Street,

Yes I agree people feel intimidated by long articulated buses but unlike articulated lorries the whole bus just curves gently. But Boris Johnson is an idiot and it was his foolishness that is ripping this country stemming from his support and un-truths about how wonderful Britain would be after Brexit.