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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Another World

Amongst the towns and cities I visited in Portugal Aviero stands out somewhat as it has a distant set apart feel as if maybe it might be somewhere in South America with only tenuous links to the homeland. Perhaps it had strange influences because it is a port which give it the air of the frontier town, also too it has a faded ghostly charm like many towns that were once far more important and prosperous. Some of the buses were slightly unusual too like this rather attractive AEC with a rather narrow fronted high sided squared body that I imagine was built by Utic. Some other nice machines here too including a big Mercedes and that classic Citroen 1D, but we had better not mention the carefully ridden rather underpowered looking motorcycle awaiting the next bus photographer or pothole so the yellow helmeted guy coming home from work could fall off.


Duarte said...

Our weekly treat! Aveiro is a beautiful city indeed. It is called the Venice of Portugal because of the presence of gondola boats (Moliceiros) in the canals. It also has beautiful beaches and great restaurants. This Utic AEC is from the municipal bus company STUA. The coachwork is a typical urban one with less space reserved for seated passengers (contrary to the single decker Utics for long hauls that can carry up to 75 seated passengers).

christopher said...

Duarte, I think it is these standee buses that make me think of South America. When we spent a night here our tour guide took our party for a meal and night of traditional entertainment telling them it was something rather special. I'm glad I didn't go as I was told the meal was awful, a real rip-off.

parecefacil said...

Hi, I found this photo on a Facebook group of Aveiro and probably the guy walking to you on the left sidewalk was my father... I cannot guarantee because the photo don't have enough quality to zoom. It will be great if you have the original photo with better quality :)